Next Generation CNC Machining Centers

Rottler’s innovative EM Series CNC Machining Centers have been specifically designed to be the most technically advanced industry specific systems available. More than just a single machine, these new “Engine Machining” CNC Vertical Machining Centers are designed to give customers even more flexibility for engine parts machining, digitizing and porting, and custom parts manufacturing.

Rottler’s newest EM Series equipment is designed for maximum ease of use and efficiency thanks to our advanced 4C Machining Software. This advanced software lets users know they are machining with the most state-of-the-science equipment available.

Seamlessly integrating Computer Numeric Control (CNC), Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) in the industry’s most advanced Computer Measuring Machine (CMM), the 4C technology allows users to digitize, edit designs and begin cutting in less time but also requires less machining/programming expertise compared to many other systems. This brand new, revolutionary CNC machine CAD/CAM software allows 3D CAD Solid Models to be imported or created at the machine – the built-in CAM functions can be used to semi-automatically and interactively create complex 3D tool paths direct from the CAD geometry.

The advanced software design allows professional engine builders and head developers to maximize production and minimize preparation time. The next generation CNC control gives even greater capability beyond porting by letting users probe parts for duplication and modification all within the machine control – no external or third-party software or equipment required.

One of the main features is the EM series’ massive 32˝ touch screen – by maximizing screen size, Rottler’s CAM software allows unprecedented amounts of information to be displayed for the operator’s use. The user can choose the information to be displayed for incremental and interactive functionality. Rottler’s next generation CNC control found in the EM Series machines continues to give users unmatched speed of learning and ease of use when probing/digitizing without the need of additional cumbersome and expensive software.

Rottler EM69 Machine

Can’t find the parts you need for that one-off project? Make them yourself! More and more customers, after researching the real-world adequacy and challenges found in top-of-the-line industrial CNC machines, recognize the value and benefits of the parts machining capabilities built into Rottler’s equipment. Many of the EM Series machines can easily be programmed to custom create the parts you need when you need them.

Customers say it is the most user-friendly software they have ever operated because it allows even novices to be productive right away. Thanks to the speed and efficiency of 4C software, some machinists report being able to produce parts and port cylinder heads four-to-five-times faster than with other systems.

The software is only part of the secret to the EM Series’ attractiveness. These machines are designed to be up to the task of creating whatever our customers can dream up.

A lot of research and development has been put into sourcing and engineering the new high output spindle motors in the EM machines. CNC machine spindle motor power and torque is commonly given in two different ways – continuous and peak.

Continuous power and torque rating refers to the maximum cutting load that a spindle can sustain running non-stop, 24 hours per day without overheating. Advanced technology spindle motors are able for a limited time period to deliver substantially more power and torque before overheating.

Peak power and torque rating can be significantly higher compared to continuous rating but the limiting factor is heat. It is common when CNC machining that spindle motors are not running continuously (for example when changing tools). The depth of cut and feed rates will also determine to amount of heat that the spindle motor has to overcome. The integral spindle motors on the EM 5 axis models are liquid-cooled and the liquid’s temperature is accurately controlled by a special AC chiller unit allowing peak operation for longer periods of time.

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