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Written By: Ed Kiebler Domestic Sales Manager, Rottler Manufacturing To start this article, it is important to emphasize the extremely precise tolerances that surface finish is measured in.   When we talk surface finish, we are talking in microns or 40 millionths of an inch!  The example in this article puts that in relationship. The reasonContinue reading “HOW TO OBTAIN PLATEAU FINISHES – SIMPLIFIED”

VIRTUAL EVENT: Engine Professional Expo

Mark Your Calendar & Register Today Start 2021 with a one-of-kind, interactive, online event – The Engine Performance Expo. January 7th, 8th & 9th, 2021. No travel required, and registration is FREE. This 3-day event showcases industry-leading engine builders, suppliers, machinists, and equipment manufacturers. The top people, parts, and processes in the high-performance engine industryContinue reading “VIRTUAL EVENT: Engine Professional Expo”


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